David Limbaugh Loves The Case For Christ

David Limbaugh Loves The Case For Christ
“As most of you doubtlessly know, Lee Strobel has a new movie out, THE CASE FOR CHRIST, which is based on his blockbuster book with the same title. This movie is fabulous. … I would encourage every one of you—believers and nonbelievers—to go see this movie.”  

That’s what bestselling author David Limbaugh writes in his latest syndicated column that can be found here on

Like Lee, David found faith after a long journey.

“I began my search for Christ as a believer in God but not necessarily in the God of the Bible. But my friend Lee was even further from God. He was an outright atheist. This movie shows how Lee was on a mission to disprove Christianity's truth claims and bring his recently converted wife to her senses and ended up being slayed by the evidence.”

 And if you’re concerned that taking a skeptical friend to see THE CASE FOR CHRIST might allow them to find evidence which points away from Christ, David says you need not worry. Why?

“Try as he might, Lee could not find a chink in Christianity's armor. He was drowning in the sea of evidence but still resisted. He kept hoping that he would achieve some breakthrough and get his beloved wife back. But it was not to happen.”

 Today is the perfect day to check out the evidence … and to bring a doubting friend along with you. Click the button below to find a theater near you.