"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is superbly made with a powerful message. It will reinforce your faith and stir your heart. It's a great tool for evangelism and discipleship. See it early and take a friend!"

Alex Kendrick, Director, War Room

"Amazing film! Go see it!"

Pastor Jonathan Falwell

"Lee Strobel is one of the best human beings I've ever met. THE CASE FOR CHRIST is the beautiful, authentic, truthful journey of a skeptic who had the courage to seek and follow the answers wherever they led. For him and countless others, it led to a relationship with Jesus, the Son of God. This movie is the real deal … don't miss it."

Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado, President and CEO, Compassion International

"This is one of the most powerful evangelistic movies I have ever seen! It connects on every level—logically and emotionally. This is a film you can take your non-believing friend to and not cringe. In fact, you may see them come to Christ like my friend Lee Strobel!"

Pastor Greg Laurie

"I was blessed reading the book, The Case for Christ, but seeing the movie was even greater.  The true transformation of Lee Strobel’s life on the giant screen is magnificent!"

Beverly LaHaye, Founder, Concerned Women of America

"I loved this movie! It was personal, profound and poignant. It is a story that will strengthen believers and encourage the cynics. Well done!"

Brady Boyd, Pastor of New Life Church

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a must-see movie for both Christians AND atheists."


"I just finished watching THE CASE FOR CHRIST and am absolutely speechless. It is such a powerful redemptive story! A must see!"

Steve Carter, Teaching Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church, Author, This Invitational Life

"It was so good that I was sorry when it was over. Just awesome, from beginning to end. It will move people in different ways from the book. I can’t wait until it comes out."

David Limbaugh, author of Jesus on Trial and The True Jesus

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a must-see, incredibly well made, entertaining, and thought-provoking film. I was truly blown away! Go see it!"

Jon Erwin, Director, Woodlawn, Moms’ Night Out

"I just watched THE CASE FOR CHRIST and I was completely impressed. The film was shot well and the story line kept me engaged the entire time. I loved the ‘realness’ of Lee's journey that didn't sugarcoat his pursuit of truth. Thanks for being an open book Lee Strobel!"

Stephen Dervan, Preaching and Prayer Pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is engaging, evangelistic, and enjoyable. It’s inspirational entertainment at its best!"

Charles Jenkins. Award-Winning Gospel Artist, Pastor, Fellowship Church, Chicago

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST movie is extremely well done—I highly recommend it. Go see it!!"

Phil Ehart, Drummer for KANSAS

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is an engaging, beautiful story of a family coming to faith in Jesus Christ, made more compelling by its basis in real events. I warmly recommend it."

Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST demonstrates the impossibility inherent in unbelief. ‘Follow the facts’ and watch as the bitterness of worldly fear collapses under the eternal momentum of holy fear and awe."

Rev. Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield, General Secretary, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

"Lee Strobel had a profound personal encounter with the living God, the very one whose existence he openly refuted. His wife’s own journey helped prompt and influence his radical change. God often uses real-life situations to bring about needed interventions in the hearts and lives of those who so desperately want to avoid or deny His existence. God has a plan and if we’ll let Him work through us, He just might take the hardest cynics and turn them into the most avid believers."

Glenn Burris, President, The Foursquare Church

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST was well written and superbly acted. It triggered both cheers and tears. This film was as much of a love story and a mystery as it was an apologetic for the Christian faith. It’s a good movie!"

Greg Stier, CEO and Founder of Dare 2 Share Ministries

"In a post-truth world of fake news and fabricated media stories, THE CASE FOR CHRIST uses a powerful true story to tell an even more powerful true story—the only story that ultimately matters."

David Alton, Member of the British House of Lords, Trustee, Aid To The Church In Need

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is well acted with a great script and it has one of the most powerful salvation scenes you will ever see. Don't miss seeing this movie and bring a friend with you who has never accepted Christ."

Craig Johnson, Director of Ministries, Lakewood Church, Founder, Champions Club

"Unbelievably well done, extremely powerful love story—compelling and convicting!"

Matt Roberson, Lead Pastor, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Houston

"This film is an honest, compelling, artistic movie that doesn’t pull a punch. It tells Lee's story and the Gospel in a compelling way."

David Wehrle, Pastor, Leonia United Methodist Church

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST invites and engages us in an intellectual experience and a faith journey. It begins with the hope of disproving the story of Jesus, the Cross, and the Resurrection and ends only to find the redemptive power of God’s love."

His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a surprisingly compelling, moving, and authentic drama about one man’s search for the truth—and how it affects him, his family, and his friends. ‘A’ for the script. ‘A’ for the props. ‘A+’ for the acting. A must-see film, just in time for Holy Week."

Fr. Francis "Rocky" Hoffman, Executive Director, Relevant Radio Network

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a very powerful, convincing, authentic film— Christ is risen!"

Ronald Bursio, President Emeritus, Elim Fellowship

"Balancing very real human emotions with the compelling hard evidence for Christ’s resurrection, this movie takes viewers on an emotional odyssey that culminates in beautiful expression of God’s saving grace. Objective minds will be challenged."

Matthew Pinto, Publisher, Ascension Press

"I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. The fact that it emphasizes FACTS makes it very pertinent today. Do we want to know the truth or are our minds already made up? Lee Strobel pushes hard to ‘check it out’ and go where the evidence leads him. That this is based on a true story makes it even more compelling."

Sr. Patricia Phillips, SHCJ, Executive Director, Wordnet Productions

"Lee Strobel, by his own lights certain of the fallacy of Jesus's story, nevertheless undertakes with dogged determination an honest and painful search for the truth. It is his own very human story that had he known where that search would lead him, he would never have started the journey. I really enjoyed the movie."

Derry Connolly, President, John Paul the Great Catholic University

"This edge-of-your-seat, riveting story asks the deepest questions of life, then answers them before you’re done with your popcorn. Don’t stay home wondering about why you were born and what happens after you die for one more night."

Greg Leith, Chief Executive Officer, Convene

"This is a powerful story of skepticism, love, and faithfulness!"

Pastor Bruce Conner

"This is a great story! Real, raw, and relevant."

Paul Knight, Pastor, Hope Church, Grand Forks, N.D.

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is an authentic and powerful film with excellent acting that brought the book alive!"

Mary Emily Myers, Elder, La Canada Presbyterian Church

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is an authentic, believable story!"

Kyle Henderson, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Athens, Tex.

"This is the best faith film I’ve ever seen. An absolutely captivating story that fills you with hope."

Jason Romano, former senior producer at ESPN, host of Sports Spectrum podcast

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is one of the most important films of the past decade. Lee Strobel’s book is powerful and compelling. The film version captures it perfectly."

Patrick Novecosky, Editor-in-Chief, Legatus magazine

"I have been giving Lee Strobel’s book The Case For Christ to seeking friends for years now. I am so glad that Lee’s powerful, moving story has finally been made into a film that is equally compelling. It is honest and real, and I highly recommend it."

Kathie Lee Gifford, Television Host

"Realistic, pitch-perfect, and powerful.  THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a truly significant work for the Kingdom of God … and so needed in our time."

Beverly Lewis, New York Times bestselling author

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is just wow … so, so good. I could watch it again. My wife Cathy and I couldn’t stop talking about it on the way home. Story, execution, production, cast is superb, directing … all an A+."

Kevin Downes, Producer, I Can Only Imagine

"Not since The Passion Of The Christ have I seen a true Christian story on the big screen presented with such elegance and power. Beautifully written and acted, THECASE FOR CHRIST is must see for anyone open to discovering life’s most important truth."

Frank Turek,, Coauthor, I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist

"The quintessential outreach film of our time!"

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

"This movie is a must see. If you are a follower of Christ it will strengthen your faith. If you are a skeptic it will address your questions. If you are an atheist, it will meet you where you are and invite you to take another look."

Sheila Walsh, Bestselling Author

"Spiritual awakening is our greatest need in America. I am praying that THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a tool in the hands of Almighty God to stir up churches everywhere to extraordinary prayer and reaching the lost. I strongly encourage pastors to take advantage of this fantastic film for outreach in your communities."

Ronnie Floyd, Immediate Past President, Southern Baptist Convention, Senior Pastor, Cross Church

"From one of my favorite books of all time to an incredible movie. THE CASE FOR CHRIST is the story of an atheist relentlessly pursuing the truth, and being courageous enough to go where the evidence leads. This movie gives us a front-row view of how a story from two thousand years ago still is impacting lives today!"

Steve Green, President of Hobby Lobby, Inc.

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is an outstanding movie and I encourage every follower of Christ to invite a friend who is not yet a believer to see this movie. … It makes a persuasive case for the historical validity of the Christian faith."

Dr. George Wood, General Superintendent, The General Council of the Assemblies of God

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a wonderful and important film. It captures the intellectual, spiritual, and relational aspects of Lee Strobel’s journey to faith in a wholly authentic, engaging, and relatable manner. The film brought back memories of my own experience—from the questions that challenged me, to my need to be open minded as I sought answers, to my family relationships, and especially, to what it would mean if I said, ‘Yes.’  Thanks to Lee Strobel’s story, and an excellent cast, THE CASE FOR CHRIST offers much to the atheist, agnostic, and believer alike. Bravo!"

Dennis J. Trittin, Author and President, LifeSmart Publishing, LLC

"From the Garden of Eden until this very moment, the battle of Light and Darkness has engulfed the earth. This eternal clash is graphically portrayed in the latest heartrending release THE CASE FOR CHRIST by Pure Flix. This movie presents a compelling message America needs to hear! The drama releases the tension that explodes into conflict between a man and his family while on his quest for truth. I encourage you to take your family and friends to see THE CASE FOR CHRIST."

Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church

"This movie has great potential to not only present a compelling case for Christ, but to address many issues in our lives as well."

Kay Horner, Executive Director, Awakening America Alliance

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST takes you inside the fascinating journey of a hardened atheist’s struggle to disprove Christianity's central claim—the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It dismantles the notion that there is no credible evidence for this momentous event. Warning to skeptics: this movie could be hazardous to your unbelief!"

Dr. Rice Broocks, Author, God’s Not Dead book

"I was surrounded by Christian leaders pre-screening THE CASE FOR CHRIST. Rivers of tears and muffled sniffles were everywhere. Even I could not keep from weeping. It was simply profound! The Good News is still good news."

Jeff Farmer, President, Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America

"This movie is awesome … a must-see!"

Dave and Jan Rossiter, FamilyLife Reps, Northeast Ohio

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a compelling and honest introduction to the Christian faith that draws people by speaking the truth in love."

David Cole, Dean of Jack Hayford School of Graduate Studies

"A well-produced film about a real story about an even more real Story. THE CASE FOR CHRIST has integrity, hope and patience that allows space for doubt and ingredients for assurance."

Tony Myles, Lead Pastor, Connection Church (Medina, Ohio)

"Skillfully written and well acted, THE CASE FOR CHRIST challenges the intellect and touches the heart, showing that true conversion is a powerful mixture of both emotion and evidence."

Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Catholic Priest, Blogger, Author of The Mystery of the Magi

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is powerful storytelling! Gritty, real, full of hope with a clear presentation of the gospel. Loved the journey to faith!"

Todd Petkav, Lead Pastor, Riverwood Church, Winnipeg

"Lee Strobel’s groundbreaking book The Case For Christ has become a must-read in Christian apologetics. Now the film version is bringing that same compelling evidence to the big screen. Presenting solid research, woven through the fabric of Strobel’s personal story of his search for truth, the film is an emotional and compelling experience for moviegoers, at any stage of the spiritual journey."

Scott Cochrane, Vice President of the Willow Creek Association

"A compelling, well-told story, THE CASE FOR CHRIST draws you into the angst of a decision of faith."

Wes Mills, President, Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada

"A Christian film told from the unique perspective of a skeptic. The story was real and authentic."

J.D Tufell, Executive Pastor, Trinity Church Mesa

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST is a must-see film! Believers will be equipped to defend their faith and encouraged by the story of one’s mans journey to Christ. I’m encouraging everyone I know to bring their non-believing friends to see this film."

Robby Gallaty, Senior Pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church

"I enjoyed watching the movie THE CASE FOR CHRIST. Seeing the amazing path of journalist Lee Strobel from skepticism to belief was powerful.  I believe it would be of great benefit for Catholics to see this film. It made me think about where I see the evidence of God’s presence and love in my life. This is also a great film to have a discussion about evangelization as discernment and accompaniment: how we journey with people as they wrestle with coming to believe in Jesus Christ."

Fr. Christopher Bazyouros, Senior Director, Office of Religious Education, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

"THE CASE FOR CHRIST was so compelling! I went straight home and convinced my pastor to buy out a theater for a church outreach. I have neighbors to invite.  My parents are going to invite their Buddhist neighbors from Cambodia. As a youth pastor, I will be bringing many un-churched kids."

Andrew Farmer, Youth Pastor

"An excellent movie for sharing Christ with family, friends, youth, and neighbors.  The story was riveting and powerful, and I will be inviting several people who do not know Jesus as their Savior."

Ramona Farmer, Pastor's wife

"Powerful, compelling, life giving!"

Chad Fisher, Pastor. Rock City Church, Hilliard, Ohio

"People will find Christ during this movie. That’s right, during the movie."

Brian Carlson, Pastor, Church on the Hill, McMinnville, Ore.